About our company

The name of the company Arriba® arises from the brainstorming (you speak whatever is on your mind and from the variety of words you choose the one you like).
We completely identify with the word Arriba®, whether as we write it, pronounce it or what it means. Why did this word cross our mind? It is a sort of cacao (tree) from Ecuador and as cocoa is a primary product, the name Arriba® is more than apt for our company because we use only basic products, no semiproducts and similarly no flavourings, emulsifiers. We try to care about the caloric value of cakes that is why the creams are made of milk, whipped cream and curd. Our creams do not burden the digestion so much as those made of pure whipped cream or butter. The caloric value of the 100 g cake is about 900 – 1700 KJ in comparison to 100 g chocolate which has about 2000 KJ.

Confectionery Arriba® watches over:

  • Freshness - directly from the production to the customer.
  • Hygiene – cleanliness by processing and transport.
  • Guarantee – only natural products, no chemical additives, no chemical flavours, without preservatives.
  • Appearance – simply tempting, natural beauty from natural materials.
  • Taste – important for us, we still control the taste of all products, improve and “create” new flavours so that you can feel enjoyment in every single piece.
  • Materials – we carefully choose the quality in order to make the taste of every product a special experience for you.