How to buy

Delight your family and friends and ease their work when organising such festive occasions such as: Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s day, Wedding, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate events, Graduations, Christening or The First Holy Communion…

Shop: Kremnická 26, Bratislava, Slovakia

If you pay through the bank transfer, you should order at the latest 4 days before the product will be made so that your payment (advance payment) will be recorded in our account at the latest 2 days before the product will be ready.

Attention! If you pay your advance payment through internet banking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you have to add 2 day to your minimal order. This does not apply to those cases when you come to pay your advance payment to the shop.

  1. Step – you choose your cake.
  2. Step – order.
  3. Step – fill the form.
  4. Step – you receive an e-mail about your order and possibilities of payment.

After the order is made, two possibilities of payment are possible: 1. Internet Banking or 2. paying directly in the shop, at least 50 % in advance.

Variable symbol: the day of picking up, 
Note: the name of buyer, 
constant symbol: 0308, 
Tatra banka: 2629844808/1100, 
IBAN: SK38110 0000 000 26298 44808 

Please Note: The cake will be produced for the date of your request, once the payment (at least 50 %) has been made in advance.


Terms and Conditions of Sale (Storage and Transportation)

We guarantee freshness and give a 100% quality guarantee of up to 24 hours from receipt of your order, provided that the storage conditions of up to 8 °C have been fulfilled. The cake is always transported in a horizontal position and human contact should be prevented to protect the cake from warming up. The most optimal transportation for cakes is carried out in thermo boxes. The maximum transportation time should not exceed 1 hour at temperatures varying between 8°C – 18°C.